Customizable Grillz

All of your grillz are made for easy at-home customization. Within minutes, you'll be flashin' your grill to all the haters.

Easy to Clean

Just rinse with warm water and some soap and your grill is good as new! (The shine will not fade)

Recent Customer Reviews

Grill fits great. Literally took 2 minutes to make it fit my teeth. Will buy again!

Kevin D.

I loooove it<33

Cindy R.

I'm glad I got the iced out bottom grill, it looks so cool!

Daisy H.

Shipping was fast af. Great quality for the price. Thanks fam.

Sammy P.



Came with clear instructions on how to mold to fit your teeth. Was done in like 2 min. Appreciate it 

Shawn L.

Was skeptical at first but turned out way better than I thought

jason W.

Had to buy another because my brother took mine lol:( 

Fits great tho, thanks!!

Regan J.

Thank you so much!

Cece T.