Why do rappers wear Grillz?

When you think of top hip hop stars, you think of bling and style that shows off wealth and success. The flashiest way to show off is by wearing grillz in your mouth! With the originators being the likes of Flavor Flav and Nelly, (both seen flashing their gold grills all up in yo face on celebrity TV and their latest music videos), it's no wonder everyone wants a piece of that Hollywood bling action. The trend very much started with the hip-hop industry, but that's definitely not where it's staying, especially with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber helping the trend along. Now, anyone can wear full on bling in their mouth and look like a superstar!


Hip Hop jewelry is a unique style that's bold and includes everything from big and heavy gold chains with pendants, flashy gold rings, and iced out watches, and even blinged up mobile phones. The look is distinctive and designed to show off wealth and get respect from anyone. Other countries and cultures might see this as doing "too much" or outrageous, but in America, this is what's in style.

Birdman and Lil Wayne wearing silver or platinum diamond grillz
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